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Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs
EDITOR: Camilo Mora
Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs
año Publicación2015

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The local diversity and global richness of coral reef fishes, along with the diversity manifested in their morphology, behaviour and ecology, provides fascinating and diverse opportunities for study. Reflecting the very latest research in a broad and ever-growing field, this comprehensive guide is a must-read for anyone interested in the ecology of fishes on coral reefs. Featuring contributions from leaders in the field, the 36 chapters cover the full spectrum of current research. They are presented in five parts, considering coral reef fishes in the context of ecology; patterns and processes; human intervention and impacts; conservation; and past and current debates. Beautifully illustrated in full-colour, this book is designed to summarise and help build upon current knowledge and to facilitate further research. It is an ideal resource for those new to the field as well as for experienced researchers.
List of contributors
Foreword Peter F. Sale
Part I. Ecology of Reef Fishes:
1. Sensory biology and navigation behavior of reef fish larvae Jelle Atema, Gabriele Gerlach and Claire B. Paris
2. Mission impossible: unlocking the secrets of coral reef fish dispersal Geoffrey P. Jones
3. Recruitment of coral reef fishes: linkages across stages Su Sponaugle
4. Competition in reef fishes Graham E. Forrester
5. Predation: piscivory and the ecology of coral reef fishes Mark A. Hixon
Part II. Patterns and Processes in Reef Fishes:
6. The evolution of fishes on coral reefs: fossils, phylogenies and functions David R. Bellwood, Christopher H. R. Goatley, Peter F. Cowman and Orpha Bellwood
7. Phylogeography of coral reef fishes Jeff A. Eble, Brian W. Bowen and Giacomo Bernardi
8. How many coral reef fish species are there? Cryptic diversity and the new molecular taxonomy Benjamin C. Victor
9. Large scale patterns and processes in reef fish richness Camilo Mora
10. Patterns and processes in geographic range size in coral reef fishes Benjamin I. Ruttenberg and Sarah E. Lester
11. Patterns and processes in reef fish body size Michel Kulbicki, Valeriano Parravicini and David Mouillot
12. Multi-scale patterns and processes in reef fish abundance M. Aaron MacNeil and Sean R. Connolly
Part III. Human Fingerprints on Reef Fishes:
13. Effects of climate change on coral reef fishes Morgan S. Pratchett, Shaun K. Wilson and Philip L. Munday
14. Effects of fishing on the fishes and habitat of coral reefs Edward E. DeMartini and Jennifer E. Smith
15. Effects of sedimentation, eutrophication and chemical pollution on coral reef fishes Amelia S. Wenger, Katharina E. Fabricius, Geoffrey P. Jones and Jon E. Brodie
16. Impacts of invasive species on coral reef fishes Isabelle M. Côté and John F. Bruno
17. Cashing in on coral reefs: the implications of exporting reef fishes Yvonne Sadovy de Mitcheson and Xueying Yin
Part IV. Conservation of Reef Fishes:
18. Resilience in reef fish communities Tim McClanahan
19. Phase shifts and coral reef fishes Nicholas A. J. Graham
20. Extinction risk in reef fishes Loren McClenachan
21. A perspective on the management of coral reef fisheries Alan M. Friedlander
22. Linkages between social systems and coral reefs Joshua E. Cinner and John N. Kittinger
Part V. Debates, Paradigm Shifts, Relevant Hypotheses:
23. Is dispersal of larval reef fishes passive? Jeffrey M. Leis
24. Density dependence and independence and the population dynamics of coral reef fishes Nick Tolimieri
25. Equilibrial versus non-equilibrial dynamics in coral reef fishes Mark A. Steele
26. Cryptic density dependence: integrating supply side ecology with population regulation Jeffrey S. Shima and Craig W. Osenberg
27. Priority effects Myra J. Shulman
28. Inverted trophic pyramids Stuart A. Sandin and Brian J. Zgliczynski
29. Shifting baselines in coral reef fishes Enric Sala
30. Pluralism explains diversity in the Coral Triangle Paul H. Barber and Christopher P. Meyer
31. Reef fish biogeographical regions John C. Briggs
32. Size and sex change Robert R. Warner
33. Quantifying reef fishes: bias in observational approaches Paolo Usseglio
34. Seascape ecology of fishes on coral reefs Simon J. Pittman and Andrew D. Olds
35. The future for coral reef fishes Peter F. Sale
36. Perpetual struggle for conservation in a crowded world and the needed paradigm shift for easing ultimate burdens Camilo Mora