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Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
Brown, Judith E.
Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
año Publicación2008

56,86 €

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One of the most respected nutrition life cycle texts in the higher education market, NUTRITION THROUGH THE LIFE CYCLE, Third Edition uses current research to explain the nutritional foundations necessary for the growth, development, and normal functioning of individuals in each stage of the life span. From preconception to the final stages of life, this text covers clinical and nutritional interventions for each part of the life cycle. The text is organized systematically, with clinical nutrition topics following normal nutrition topics. The text maintains a consistent level of pedagogy throughout, highlighting key nutrition concepts, nutritional needs, nutrition and health disease outcomes, model programs, and case studies. Featuring an expert author team, this text benefits from a broad range of normal and clinical nutrition expertise from registered dietitians and researchers.

New to this edition
The Third Edition has been updated with the current 2005 Dietary Guidelines, and has replaced former Food Guide Pyramid with MyPyramid released by the USDA.
New "In Focus" boxes present an overview of current, commonly mentioned diseases or disorders of interest, including definition, prevalence, aspects, and risk factors. Topics include "Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa," "Diabetes and Prediabetes," and "Nutrigenomics".
New "Key Points" section at the end of the chapter provides statements of facts that address key content or concepts covered in the chapter. They are a great resource to help students review and prepare for class discussions and exams.
Each chapter presents components of MyPyramid that are relevant to the respective lifecycle group. Each chapter also highlights education materials that are available online for further enrichment.
The Third Edition includes more streamlined writing, reducing duplication of content across chapters as well as new figures, illustrations, and photos create a more visually oriented text.
The pedagogy has been revised for overall consistency of level and nutritional detail to help with the students’’ comprehension and understanding of the more complex topics.
A new Instructor’’s Resource CD-ROM includes an Instructor’’s Manual, Test Bank, and ready-to-customize PowerPoint® presentation slides.

Several of the chapters were developed with the help of a cadre of expert authors who are actively engaged in clinical practice, teaching, or research related to nutrition during the specific phase of the life cycle.
The first chapter for each life cycle phase covers normal nutrition topics, and the following chapter covers nutrition-related "conditions and interventions."
Each chapter begins with a "Chapter Outline" and list of "Key Nutrition Concepts" to better prepare students to learn key concepts.
Case studies, featured throughout the text, illustrate theory in practice, making complex normal and clinical nutritional concepts both memorable and easy for students to grasp.
"Tables" and "Illustrations" are integrated throughout the text to segment the concepts being discussed, also making it easier for students to reference and review as they read and prepare for exams.
Margin definitions allow students to quickly focus on primary topics and important terminology used in the course.
"Resources" found at the end of each chapter include relevant references, including Web URLs and telephone numbers to help encourage and facilitate further study and research.
Extend your learning by referring to the "Resources" found at the end of each chapter, which include relevant references such as Web URLs and telephone numbers to help encourage and facilitate further study and research.
1. Nutrition Basics.
2. Preconception Nutrition.
3. Preconception Nutrition: Conditions and Interventions.
4. Nutrition During Pregnancy.
5. Nutrition During Pregnancy: Conditions and Interventions.
6. Nutrition and Lactation.
7. Nutrition and Lactation: Conditions and Interventions.
8. Infant Nutrition.
9. Infant Nutrition: Conditions and Interventions.
10. Toddler and Preschooler Nutrition.
11. Toddler and Preschooler Nutrition: Conditions and Interventions.
12. Child and Preadolescent Nutrition.
13. Child and Preadolescent Nutrition: Conditions and Interventions.
14. Adolescent Nutrition.
15. Adolescent Nutrition: Conditions and Interventions.
16. Adult Nutrition.
17. Adult Nutrition: Conditions and Interventions.
18. Nutrition and the Elderly.
19. Nutrition and the Elderly: Conditions and Interventions.
Appendix A: CDC Growth Charts.
Appendix B: BMI Charts for Adults with Silhouettes.
Appendix C: Nutrient Intakes of Adults Aged 70 and Older.
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