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Chemistry: Principles and Reactions
Hurley, Cecile N.
Chemistry: Principles and Reactions
año Publicación2008

50,81 €

 En stock el día 23/7/2020
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química general
Present all of the fundamental topics of general chemistry in the latest edition of this brief, cost-effective, student-oriented text. Masterton/Hurley’s CHEMISTRY: PRINCIPLES AND REACTIONS, 6e International Edition, provides a clear, concise presentation based on the authors’ more than 50 years of combined teaching experience. This edition takes students directly to the crux of concepts with brevity that gives you the flexibility to cover all topics found in the typical general chemistry book as well as areas such as nuclear chemistry, organic topics, and descriptive chemistry. An increased variety and number of applications in this edition include more concept-driven, rigorous examples as well as examples that focus on molecular reasoning and understanding. New "Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom" essays by guest authors demonstrate the relevance of concepts to your students while highlighting some of the latest state-of-the-art uses of chemistry today. A strong, enhanced art program further assists students in visualizing chemical concepts.
For the first time, this edition fully integrates OWL (Online Web-based Learning), the homework management system trusted by more than 300 institutions and tens of thousands of students. Integrated end-of-chapter questions appear in OWL and correlate to Key Concepts. For the first time, an optional e-book of this edition is also available in OWL.
To further assist in learning and depth of coverage, the book offers CengageNOW™, an innovative Web-based student self-tutorial program. In addition, Go Chemistry™ video study modules developed by award-winning chemists offer mini-lectures and learning tools available for video iPods, MP3 players, and iTunes for students on the go.

New to this edition
CONNECTION TO FINE ARTS: This edition effectively connects the hard science of chemistry to the humanities and fine arts through new and revised chapter openers and literary quotations that directly enhance each chapter’’s content.
FRESH CLARITY IN VISUALS: Ensure that your students understand concepts at a glance as this edition moves relevant text from captions to word balloons over the art for a clearer presentation of the visual images. In addition, current photographs, modern molecular models, and a new and clearer graph style engage students and clarify concepts.
LATEST WORK FROM SPECIALISTS: Guest authors and leaders in specialized fields profile the latest research in new "Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom" boxes. Students see the relevance of concepts in some of the most current work in chemistry, including photochromic and thermochromic materials, coloration biological organisms, molecular structure of rubbery materials, and fuel cells.
STRONGER WORKED EXAMPLE PROBLEMS: Stronger in-text Worked Example Problems, revised for this edition, provide more rigorous practice with opportunities for students to apply concepts and for you to grade class progress. Almost one-third of the examples are new.
OWL INTEGRATION: For the first time, select end-of-chapter questions, clearly identified by icons in this edition, are now available in OWL, the homework management system trusted by tens of thousands of students. These questions are cross-referenced in the Key Concepts Summary List in the "Chapter Highlights" section at the end of each chapter.
GO CHEMISTRY™: These easy-to-use online essential review tools that focus on the basics are ideal for the student on the go! Developed by award-winning chemists, these 27 new electronic modules are designed to help students quickly review essential chemistry topics. Go Chemistry’’s mini video lectures include animations and problems for a quick summary of key concepts. E-flashcards briefly introduce a key concept and then test understanding of the basics with a series of questions. Go Chemistry™ is keyed to topics in the text and plays on video iPods, iPhones, and MP3 players as well as on iTunes.
To the Instructors and Students.
Laboratory Safety.
Experiment 1: Are Labels Accurate or Precise?
Experiment 2: Density Measurements.
Experiment 3: Cost of a Chemical Product.
Experiment 4: Soap Making.
1. Matter and Measurements.
2. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions.
3. Mass Relations in Chemistry; Stoichiometry.
4. Reactions in Aqueous Solution.
5. Gases.
6. Electronic Structure and the Periodic Table.
7. Covalent Bonding.
8. Thermochemistry.
9. Liquids and Solids.
10. Solutions.
11. Rate of Reaction.
12. Gaseous Chemical Equilibrium.
13. Acids and Bases.
14. Equilibria in Acid-Base Solutions.
15. Complex Ions.
16. Precipitation Equilibria.
17. Spontaneity of Reaction.
18. Electrochemistry.
19. Nuclear Reactions.
20. Chemistry of the Metals.
21. Chemistry of the Nonmetals.
22. Organic Chemistry.
23. Organic Polymers, Natural and Synthetic.
Appendix 1: Units, Constants, and Reference Data.
Appendix 2: Properties of the Elements.
Appendix 3: Exponents and Logarithms.
Appendix 4: Nomenclature of Complex Ions.
Appendix 5: Molecular Orbitals.
Appendix 6: Answers to Even-Numbered and Challenge Questions & Problems.