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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Griseri, Paul ; Seppala, Nina
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
año Publicación2010

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A new text for new realities: Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility charts a course for students through the unprecedented challenges and turbulence of modern business and its implications for people across the globe.

Moving beyond the Anglo-American focus of existing works, the authors employ a refreshingly international perspective to leave students with a broad and reflective understanding of business ethics. A flexible 3-part structure, developed from extensive market feedback, aligns with the latest course structures, while a strong focus on environmental ethics and sustainability throughout provides market-leading coverage of this vital issue. An unparalleled range of case studies, including chapter cases and longer premium cases supplied by HBR, Ivey and ECCH, combine with a full set of online supporting resources to make this the complete introduction to business ethics in a rapidly evolving world.


Full international coverage that looks beyond the traditional European and American contexts to provide the complete picture
Hundreds of real-world examples that illustrate ethical decision-making in action and what to learn from results
Balanced discussion of all the key players in business ethics and corporate social esponsibility including SMEs, NGOs and MNCs
Integrative case studies from premium providers featuring a diverse range of organizations including Red Bull, IKEA, and UNHCR

"The Griseri & Seppala text is a landmark publication for a number of reasons: The book is educationally sound and will serve as excellent textbook for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in MBA or MPA programmes. It has a global focus which will make the book user-friendly in non-Western settings. In the medium term this book will make a signifi cant contribution to establishing business ethics as a distinct discipline withits own content areas and philosophical rigour." - Piet J Naude MA DTh (Stell), Director and Professor of Ethics: Nelson Mandela Business School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Immediate past President of the Business Ethics Network of Africa (BEN-Africa), and African representative on the Executive Committee: International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE)

"Accessible, clearly written and relevant. A worthy and very welcome contribution to the field." - Dr David Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Ethics, Newcastle University Business School

"Griseri & Seppala is an excellent resource for students who want to bring together ethics, CSR and sustainability into one core text. It offers a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the area of ethics and CSR, while chapters are enriched by examples and case studies looking at UK, European and international business." - Dr Louise Preget, Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University Business School

Paul Griseri is Head of the Department of Business and Management at Middlesex University Business School. Prior to this he has taught management at all levels, from first line management through to MBA, and he has worked in a range of institutions, most recently at University College London. Paul is co-editor of the journal Philosophy of Management, and has published several books and articles on subjects related to this area. He has also trained a large number of professional managers both in formal education and through in-house organisation development programmes.

Nina Seppala is Director of Studies at the Department of Management Science and Innovation, University College London. She has a PhD in Business Studies from University of Warwick and previously worked for the United Nations and International IDEA in the areas of democracy promotion and preventive diplomacy. Her research interests are in strategy in non-profits, boundaries of corporate responsibility, and business and human rights.


Part One: Frameworks
Chapter One: Understanding corporate social responsibility
Chapter Two: Stakeholder management
Chapter Three: Theories of ethics
Chapter Four: Environmental ethics

Integrative Case Study 1.1: Walking the Walk: Putting Social Responsibility into Action at The White Dog Café
Integrative Case Study 1.2: GlaxoSmithKline and Developing Country Access to Essential Medicines

Part Two: Contexts
Chapter Five: The behavioural context
Chapter Six: Ethics and corporate social responsibility in a global context
Chapter Seven: The business of human rights
Chapter Eight: Civil society organizations

Integrative Case Study 2.1: Microsoft’s Partnership with UNHCR: Pro Bono Publico?
Integrative Case Study 2.2: IKEA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Initiatives

Part Three: Processes
Chapter Nine: Governing organizations
Chapter Ten: Auditing and reporting social performance
Chapter Eleven: Managing ethics internally
Chapter Twelve: Responsibility in managing people and operations
Chapter Thirteen: Environmental responsibility
Chapter Fourteen: Giving back to society

Integrative Case Study 3.1: Red Bull or Black Devil?
Integrative Case Study 3.2: Starbucks Corporation: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain
Integrative Case Study 3.3: Lifebuoy ’Swasthya Chetna’: Unilever’s Social Marketing Campaign
Integrative Case Study 3.4: John Mackey and Whole Foods Market
Integrative Case Study 3.5: The Human Face of HIV/Aids